Rob Banken is a Ghent-based alto saxophone player, composer and improviser. Combining the lyricism of jazz with the intensity and unpredictability of noise and free makes Rob a one of a kind musician. In addition to being a much sought-after sideman in groups like John Ghost, Sam Joris Octet feat Bert Joris, Anemic Cinema, Grand Picture Palace and RaPiDMan his main focus is H A S T; a rockformation that intertwines noise with lush, minimal sounscapes.

Banken has had the opportunity to work and play across the globe with numerous renowned bands and musicians such as Flat Earth Society, Gary Smulyan, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Ernest Skömsvoll, John Ruocco, Michael Abene, vrwrk, Klas Lindquist, JMJ World Jazz Orchestra, Amaranthine and many more. 


---------- 2022.03.26

New release by Rapidman

---------- 2021.02.19

New release by Grand Picture Palace

---------- 2021.02.05

New release by H A S T - Ubi Sunt

---------- 2019.10.17

New video by H A S T

---------- 2019.04.26

Teaser for kleptomatics!

Full release on May 10.

---------- 2019.07.05

New single by John Ghost!!

---------- 2019.06.15

An interview for Jazz & Mo I did for H A S T

---------- 2019.04.14

Review in Knack magazine 'bout H A S T 's debut album. 

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---------- 2019.03.12

We released the first EP of Yùrt at Handelsbeurs. Released on cassette by bwaa. Free download on bandcamp

---------- 2019.03.03

H A S T released it first full album. Released on Solidude Records. Check out the beautiful artwork of Wouter Vanhaelemeesch! Click to have a listen. 

---------- 2018.09.18

I'll be playing some woodwinds on the upcoming amongster record! Stay tuned for more.

edit: A New Arrival is out now on V2 Records. 

---------- 2018.05.10

I'm happy to announce that I'm selected for the Sabam Young Jazz Talent Award 2018. Honored to be standing next to these guys!!

---------- 2018.04.10

Today  Bardo releases it's first record!!! Contact me to get your copy.

---------- 2018.01.19

First release concert with LG Jazz Collective! Check the calender page for all upcoming concerts. Order your copy of "Strange Deal" here. Released on Igloo Records.

---------- 2018.01.12

Bravo big band released its 2nd cd "Rendez-vous à l'Ovyne" in Studio de l'Ermitage - Paris with French sing Loïs Le Van. Order a copy here. Released on Cristal Records.

---------- 2017.10.02

H A S T is selected as a laureate at Storm!. Come and join us for one hell of a triplebill at De Werf on October 27!

---------- 2017.8.14

H A S T wins jazztract '17 on Gent Jazz Festival!!

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